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Solvent-Based Antifoaming Agent

ModelNameField of ApplicationTDS
HSM Defoamex 8066 Antifoaming Agent Solvent-based coatings and ink systems tds
HSM Defoamex 8020 Antifoaming Agent Light-cured paint or ink system , can also be used for the thermosetting resin systems such as unsaturated polyester systems and the like. tds
HSM Defoamex 8027 Antifoaming Agent Two-component polyurethane, amino paint , nitro dipping, acid curing amino , epoxy and other solvents, solvent-free coating systems tds
HSM Defoamex 8052 Antifoaming Agent Solvent and non-solvent -based coatings , inks, and thermosetting resin system tds
HSM Defoamex 8057 Antifoaming Agent Unsaturated polyester systems , epoxy potting system tds
HSM Defoamex 8141 Antifoaming Agent General industrial coatings, floor coatings ,curtain coating for wooden substrate tds
HSM Defoamex 8142 Varnish Defoamer UV varnish, light varnish, light / matte finish , etc. tds

Water-based Antifoaming Agent

ModelNameField of ApplicationTDS
HSM Defoamex 8011 Antifoaming Agent Water-based coatings, inks, sewage treatment, paper making, printing and dyeing industry tds
HSM Defoamex 8025 Antifoaming Agent Water-based ink , varnish , paint, industrial paint, glue and other water-based systems tds
HSM Defoamex 8040 Antifoaming Agent Waterborne coatings, inks , adhesives and other aqueous systems defoamer tds
HSM Defoamex 8065 Antifoaming Agent High bare oil , paints, inks , adhesives, emulsions and other high-viscosity aqueous systems tds
HSM Defoamex 8110 Antifoaming Agent A variety of high-gloss acrylic , styrene-acrylic latex paint and vinegar C tds
HSM Defoamex 8111 Antifoaming Agent A compatible, efficient and excellent in anti-foaming agent , are widely used in aqueous systems. tds
HSM Defoamex 8112 Antifoaming Agent All kinds of latex paint, latex systems , inks , adhesives and other aqueous systems tds
HSM Defoamex 8130 Efficient Defoamer High viscosity aqueous systems such as elastic coatings, waterborne pigment concentrates , adhesives, water-based ink , glue and other resin emulsion and dyeing tds